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Tank container (isotank) transportation.
Tank container ISOTANK (tank container) international standard tank is a stainless steel pressure vessel installed in an external frame. The tank inner liner is mostly made of 316 stainless steel. Most tanks have steam or electric heating equipment, inert gas protection devices, pressure relief devices, and other optional equipment for fluid transportation and handling. An angle bearing frame with protective and lifting functions is arranged around the tank body. The outer frame dimensions of the tank are exactly the same size as the international standard 20'container (20 feet long and 8 feet wide: 8 feet, 6 inches). It can be used in highway, railway and water transportation. Can carry up to 14300 to 31000 liters (or even larger) of the fluid cargo. 

Tank containers have the following advantages:
In addition to all the advantages of the containerized transport, compared with "several drums in a standard dry cargo container" mode of transport, it is affordable, fast, safe, environmentally friendly, beautiful and so many advantages.

First, economic benefits;
For example: a 20 foot container (24000 liters) of liquid cargo can be loaded 45% more than a standard 20 foot dry cargo box full of drum. That is, the same freight, more goods delivery, thus reducing the unit cargo land and sea freight. In addition, the use of tank can save the treatment cost of buying discarded drum. This is the two direct cost savings in the transportation process.

Second, fast;
When use tank container, there will not be an expensive and time-consuming keg filling, keg handling process. It can be transferred directly between highway, railway and water transportation, and it is simple and quick to operate. Can really do "door to door" transportation.

Third, increase security;
Tank transport is internationally recognized as the safest form of chemical and food transportation. In the process of distributing chemicals and foodstuffs to different places, it is a unique means of transportation that is unique, free of running, threatening, leaking and avoiding the goods being contaminated.

Fourth, more conducive to environmental protection, more beautiful, to give customers a good impression.

Our company has a group of professionals engaged in tank container operation team, to provide our clients with professional transport services!

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